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Wearing black is slimming right?


Black can make you look slimmer but it depends on how you wear it, the weight of the fabric, the texture of the fabric and the cut of the clothing. If you are feeling a bit self conscious of your tummy area, you may be inclined to wear baggier and baggier clothes, thinking that you are disguising it. Unfortunately, this will have the opposite effect. I have news for you. Wearing shapeless clothes will make you look bigger!

Actually, ANY dark colour will make you look slimmer (black isn’t even a colour, in fact, its an absence of colour). Think about a room. If you paint it a dark colour, it appears smaller, if you paint it a light colour, the room appears larger. It is the same with clothes. Plus, as we mature, black can start to become a bit draining and we might need to wear a bit more make-up to lighten things up. So why choose boring black when there are so many other lovely colours to wear.

What about these for starters:

Teal (universally flattering) teal

Purple purple

Pewter pewter

Olive olive

Navy (tres chic) navy

Forest Green forest green

Chocolate Brown chocolate

Aubergine aubergine

As I mentioned previously, it is how you wear your dark colours that can make you look slimmer and wearing colour strategically is a great way to trick the eye. Look at the two outfits above. The outfit on the left is how most of us would wear black We have our safe black jacket and trousers and then we think, “let’s add a splash of colour with a bright top” (usually a baggy top too). Because there is contrast between the bright top and the dark trousers, it is cutting the body in half, making it appear shorter and wider. The jacket is also very boxy with no shape and is made of a stiff fabric which will not sit well over curves.

Now let’s look at the outfit on the right. The v neck of the dress opens up the decolletage. The dress is slightly shaped and the fabric has stretch in it which is very flattering for curves. The softness of the cardigan is much better for curves than a stiff, boxy jacket, plus it creates vertical lines down the body to lengthen it and make it appear slimmer. The scarf, worn long and straight means the eye is drawn up and down the body, again making it appear longer and leaner – it is all a clever illusion! Magic innit?

Confused by Colour? I can help!

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13 Responses to “Wearing black is slimming right?”

  1. manchesterflickchick

    I adore teal and purple. I have olive skin so I can carry off wearing all black luckily. You are so right – when people wear loose clothes to cover their bad areas they just look like a mass of bulky fabric! Not to mention big boobs covered with high necklines – nooo! I love your use of colour and streamlining.

  2. Mumaleary

    Oh wow. That is a really helpful post. I am so boring colour wise.
    Sadly now also skint but next time I’m not I will need your advice. 🙂

  3. Jenny

    I love all these colors. Whether its for clothes or nail polish I am obsessed with dark colors at the moment. Yes black is great but agreed it has to have a splash of something I always think. Lovely post. Purple, aubergine and dark teal are GREAT. Love your tips thanks for sharing.


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