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Remember some time ago I told you that I had trained to be a Face Yoga Teacher with the World’s leading Face Yoga Expert, Danielle Collins?

Well things are progressing along nicely and I have started accepting one to one consultations.  Even more exciting is that I have started a weekly class in Manchester City Centre. I am also currently seeking out a venue in Didsbury.

So, what is Face Yoga?


Face Yoga is a simple routine comprising of facial exercises, face massage and face acupressure, which help to reduce wrinkles, firm, tone and lift your skin. And it’s 100% absolutely natural.

A non-invasive routine that can be an alternative to surgery or Botox, it works by stimulating all three layers of your skin (to be scientific these are the hypodermis, dermis and epidermis). The process naturally increases blood circulation, which in turn allows a greater flow of oxygen and nourishment to reach your skin cells.

Results vary from person to person but generally speaking you will see visible results in the form of a clearer, healthier complexion due to less toxins and a radiant glow due to your skin being able to absorb moisture more effectively. The facial exercises are designed to energise collagen and elastin production that will result in supple and tighter skin that feels smoother and looks younger.

Working with the Danielle Collins Face Yoga Methodology, this natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier also combines a wonderful sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

One of the areas I have noticed a big improvement on my own face is my cheekbones. Lots of people have commented on how great my cheekbones are looking since I started training too! Forget contouring, Face Yoga is the way to go!

Fish Face is a great exercise to lift and tone the cheek area.

I recently was asked to give a presentation on Colour to the Trafford Centre Women’s Institute so I treated them to a short and fun intro to Face Yoga and they loved it!

I received a fab review from a Manchester Blogger recently – Here she on the right practising “Flirty Eyes” a great exercise to lift and tone the upper eyelids. Take a read by clicking on the pic below.

If you would like to try this holistic, natural approach to GETTING THE GLOW why not come along to my regular class at the Wonder Inn, Shudehill, Manchester on Thursdays at 6pm! Class costs £7 if you bring your own yoga mat or £8 if you wish to borrow one of mine. The room will be filled with tealights and sparkly fairy lights with relaxing essential oils burning. Dress comfortably and make sure you wear plenty of layers as the building can be a little chilly!

Introductory offer – your first class is FREE if you bring a friend! To claim this offer though, you MUST book in advance.

Either email or phone 07801 341526 or visit

I hope to see you at a class soon!

PS Please follow my new Twitter account @Faceyogasusan

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