• Do you want to look younger?

  • Are you stressed and/or in desperate need of ‘me time’?


You can cover up your body but your face is permanently on show, so why not make sure it’s looking at its very best by learning the processes of face yoga.

As an advanced face yoga teacher, personally trained by the world’s leading face yoga expert – Danielle Collins – I want to share with you the three key elements of facial rejuvenation.

During my fabulously fun and simple 8 week Get the Glow programme you will discover the secrets of how to give yourself a facelift without experiencing the financial and physical pain.

8 weekly workshops will be held on Thursdays at 7.30pm starting Thursday 7 September 2017.  Each hour long session will consist of a combination of face exercises, face massage and acupressure, as well as guided meditation and relaxation. All this takes place at the beautiful Divine Hub in the heart of Didsbury village.  Places are limited so don’t delay in booking! You’ll also get simple exercises every week to try at home.


I guarantee that by the end of the 8 week programme people will be noticing that you have less fine lines and tension in your face and look more healthy and energised. Knowing you look and feel better may mean you also notice yourself feeling calmer and happier.

This is a lady who attended a recent Get the Glow Programme. What a difference after just 8 weeks! She really has Got the Glow!


What’s more, continuing your face yoga practice after the 8 week programme will help you to look and feel many years younger and feel more relaxed in yourself.  The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method will give you a fresh, young, relaxed and beautiful appearance which looks more natural than surgery, is safer and costs far less money.

Here’s what Body Confidential had to say about a class their reviewer attended:

“As I massaged my forehead and stroked my neck with my fingertips I found that my face did relax… By the end of my session I had also learned to massage my own face with oils. It was pleasurable and self-satisfying (but not in an ‘orgasmic yoga’ kind of way – Google it… just not at work)…. I also liked my face yogi a lot. She’s a natural beauty enthusiast and was clued-up on mindfulness and wellness.”

The Get the Glow 8 week Programme costs just £60 which is amazing value for money.

As well as the 8 weeks of face to face workshops, I’m going to throw in an official Danielle Collins Method face yoga wall chart (value £10) for you to keep at the end of the programme and I’ll be giving each of you a mini colour consultation as part of our last session.

Yes that’s right – you’ll get the 8 week Get the Glow programme plus a £10 wall chart and a mini colour consultation all for £80.

So, are you ready to get the glow?  There are only a limited amount of spaces so don’t delay! Hit the button below to book now…



Still not convinced?  Manchester blogger Hannah Gilroy had this to say: “Facial yoga extraordinaire, Susan Baxter’s class was unique and interesting, it was very enjoyable and relaxing – a real zen experience”







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