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He’s popped the question, you’ve said yes – or perhaps you proposed this Leap Year? Everyone is delighted – now the most important thing is choosing your wedding dress.. or is it? Shouldn’t you be looking at the whole bridal party? You wouldn’t arrange a vase of flowers with colours that clash and the same goes for your wedding group, not least of all the two other very important women at the ceremony – the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

Every bride wants everyone including herself to look amazing on her wedding day, but creating your wedding day ‘look’ takes lots of planning, hours of shopping and oodles of patience.

It should be one of the most memorable days of your life but there is a lot to consider, if you really want to ensure you end up with the wedding of your dreams.

Even the simplest weddings cost a small fortune and the photographs last a lifetime, so it is imperative the bridal party look their very best. Don’t leave this to chance, instead consult an expert, I offer tailor made colour and styling advice for wedding parties. My relaxed consultations are popular with brides and mothers alike who have found my help invaluable at finding out what best to avoid and what has been tried and tested and will work for them on the big day.

When dressing the bridal party you need to choose colours for everyone’s outfits that will suit the individuals and which will all look good together. This is no easy achievement – members of the bridal party may all have different hair colour and skin tone which means different colours will suit them. For example, a bridesmaid with blonde hair would look overwhelmed and very pale in a dark dress, she needs to wear a lighter or brighter colour to make the best of her natural colouring. Whereas a bridesmaid with dark hair will look great in a darker colour. If you want everybody in the same colour, for example, green, make sure they are all in their best green. The secret is finding a colour that will look amazing on them all! Also, what colour will you wear? Pure white isn’t always that flattering. Variations on white include cream, ivory, oyster, pewter – so many options.

Remember that you are not limited to bridal shops when looking for the perfect dress. I have just discovered Manchester based Frock and Frill where you can purchase the most amazing vintage inspired dresses. Their collections consist of bespoke dresses, tops, skirts and accessories for style-conscious women who want to stand out for their elegance and femininity. Each piece is designed in-house by a team of dreamers and designers, before being hand-beaded and stitched in India, supporting an ethical production model.

Here are a couple of examples that come in under £170

susan-styles-you-frock-and-frill-rhonda susan-styles-you-frock-and-frill-kitty

And it doesn’t have to be pastels – why not go all out in a blaze of colour? There is no rule that says brides must wear white. Or, try adding a quirky splash of colour?

I love these two ideas.

susan-styles-you-brides-shoes susan-styles-you-coloured-groom-socks-photo

Take a look at my Pinterest Board here for inspiration. I absolutely loved creating this board – so vibrant and happy.


It is also a momentous day in a mother and mother-in-law’s life and they should be confident, happy and relaxed when that day finally comes around. You don’t want the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom clashing so badly they can’t stand together.

I recommend mothers should wait until the wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses have been selected. They might then think about bringing some of the bridal colours into their own outfits, but they must be colours that make them look stunning.

As if colour isn’t enough to think about, as we know, ladies shapes vary and a dress design that looks great on someone with a curvy shape will not look as good on a lady who has a straighter body shape. Also different patterns and fabrics suit different body shapes. Other considerations are height and scale, which effect whether you should dress head to toe in one colour and what size pattern and accessories you should wear.

The worst thing you can do is to walk into a shop and announce you are looking for a wedding outfit or you are likely to emerge in something not very flattering in coral or periwinkle that you might never have dreamed of wearing before…and are probably unlikely to wear again.

The biggest mistake people make at weddings is to try out a brand new look on the day or opt for an outfit that they think looks “suitable” but is going to be uncomfortable. That’s a recipe for misery! Here is a Mother of the Bride who came to see me in Manchester for a Personal Shopping session. She was absolutely terrified as she hated dressing up and didn’t have a clue where to start with her outfit. I worked with her to find a look that she felt comfortable in but that also was stylish. Doesn’t she look fabulous?


So don’t leave the most important day of your life to chance and take away some of the stress by giving me a call!

07801 341526

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