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So here we are starting a new year, full of good resolutions: new year, new me: new figure, new job, new man, new hobby – sometimes, even, the whole gamut of new, new, new!

Unfortunately, I am not able to help you get a new figure, or find a job or even a man! However,  I CAN help you to look good/slimmer/younger so you find the confidence you need to achieve your goals for the year(s) to come.


Feeling Tired?

Ask yourself: Why do I look tired, dated and have no energy?”


Honestly, a Colour Consultation will change all that – even if you are genuinely tired!  When you wear the right colours you will feel more energized and more powerful (if that is what you want!).  Find out which red is yours (yes, everyone can wear red, but which one is best for you…?)  You love orange but do not know how to wear it (orange works best for women with warm tones to their skin tone and hair).  You love blues but somehow that pale blue you’ve been wearing does not work for you (pale blues work best on women with lighter colouring).  I have all the answers for you and more. 


Here’s the proof people! Sophie booked me for Personal Shopping in Manchester as she wanted to learn how to “dress nice”. In greys and blacks she looks tired and drawn but look how she comes to life in bright and contrasting colours – Coral is definitely her colour!




Never wear makeup?


Ask yourself: “I never wear make-up, should I start?” 


YES!  Did you know research carried out in the USA concluded that professional women who wear makeup are perceived as more likeable, trustworthy and competent, whilst a UK research demonstrated that waitresses who wear red lipstick get up to 25% extra in tips.  So if you want more respect, trust and affection from your family, friends and co-workers, now is the time to try a little make-up. I’ll show you how to apply a light and natural looking makeup and in which colours to choose too!



Confused about what to buy?


Ask yourself: “Why am I so confused when I get to the shops? There is simply too much to choose from and I lose the will to live!” 


A Style Consultation will help you define your body lines (out of the six body shapes, see which one you are within the curvy or straight spectrums). This will help you decide what fabrics to go for and what shape garments to look for.  For example, you have a long neck, you can wear a roll-neck sweater; if you have a short neck, a V-neckline top is best for you. Learn the rules: stop the hem of your trousers/skirts at the slimmest part of your leg – because the eye is attracted to where the hemline is so you’ll look slimmer – ditto with the arms. Small chest: go for chest pockets; large chest: forget the pockets!




Only wearing a small proprtion of your wardrobe?


Ask yourself: “What do I actually wear out of my wardrobe?”  If you fall in with the majority of women, 80% of the time you will wear just 20% of the clothes hanging in your cupboard. 


So it’s time to re-assess and de-clutter with a wardrobe detox.  Now this takes guts too – sometimes we find it hard to throw clothes away – I CAN HELP! – after filling bags for charity and bags for selling, you’ll find yourself with a weight off your shoulders, lots of new outfit combo’s to try, refreshed and empowered, and with a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll actually wear!




Stuck in a hair rut?


Ask yourself: “Have I worn my hair in the same style/colour for years?” 


If the answer is yes, now is the time to go to a new hairdresser and re-visit your hair style?  Before you say ‘let’s go’ to the scissors/colour treatment, ask – don’t be shy – what is the cost of maintaining that new look.  Can you afford it on an ongoing basis? I can give you advice on the best style for your face shape and also what colour would be the most flattering for you!




So, as a special offer to welcome 2016, if you book THE BEST YOU package before the end of February 2016, you will receive a Colour Me Beautiful lipstick worth £13.95 absolutely FREE!

Once you have visited me you will be walking tall in the knowledge that what you are wearing works for YOU, that your hair style and make-up flatters you. The result? Well you’ll feel more confident and know that you can get that new job/man in the knowledge that you look appropriate, modern, confident and happy!

Happy New Year.  Make 2016 YOUR year.  You’re worth it!

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