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Ever pried open the doors of your wardrobe and felt…well…a little deflated?

Imagine what stares back at you. It’s no magical pathway to Narnia that’s for sure. More like a scratched rail holding a jumble of boring plain clothes, which severely lack any sign of colour – a flock of dullness if you will.

Well now there is a simple way to combine your clothes and accessories to look gorgeous and stunning, and to receive the compliments you’ve always deserved to hear ‘Wow, you look fabulous today.’

It’s all about choosing the best colours, shapes and styles that match your skin tone, hair colour, body shape and mood. Top that off with accessories to die for and the secrets of applying the perfect makeup to create an inner confidence and outer style that equals the very best you!

What you need is a personalised session with me to cast aside the darkness of a dull, uncoordinated wardrobe. You will then be ready to step into the limelight of style sophistication that comes with understanding your style personality.


Contact Susan today to create your inner confidence and outer style, call 07801 341526.


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